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I’ve been churning through the weekly blog routine for over a year now and completing the blogging course I found on the internet has definitely been a great learning experience for me. See my thoughts and why I believe every Software developer needs a personal blog site.

These are 12 reasons to be on web development for Windows, as compared to other operating systems. These 12 reasons are meant for web developers rather than average users, therefore are considered as ‘Advanced’ Windows users. We aren’t the typical user, so based on working at an office here are the reasons why Windows.

Choosing your personal domain name is a big decision. Therefore you should check options available. This link will help. It shows all possible and creative domain names, just by providing it keywords. The keywords you can use are your {First_Name} and {Last_Name}, for example. It also includes branded shortlinks too!

Brochure style websites are pretty common. This is typically what they are called, for their Home, About, Contact webpages. Even if you run a different style of website, this is the most common ‘template’ — therefore key features of any website. You will at least want to have a Brochure Style website, and expand there.

After going through the basics of HTML and CSS, how are you to go about the Advanced section? What is the Advanced section exactly? It’s HTML5 and CSS3 — the modern specifications on the web today. There are many ways of learning the advanced section. So this article should get your mind clear on where to move to next.