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Going the extra mile to impress your client/users? Use a Custom Meta Theme Color! It is highly recommended to add a meta theme color for your Wordpress theme / website. In fact, make it a standard for your web projects!

Another reason that makes WordPress powerful is the ability for the theme or plugin developer to make use custom image sizes, which is beneficial for web performance of a theme. Check out why this is the case as well as if you have to use a custom post thumbnail in certain cases.

Forgetting to edit certain important theme templates besides your custom templates and page templates is common in WordPress Theme Development. Read here for the common templates to be wary of, which are in fact important in the proper structure of the WordPress theme.

Google fonts are some of the most useful and the most well-known web fonts out there on the internet today. Its free-to-use nature makes it easy to adopt to websites. Why Use the Functions.php File to Load Google Fonts There are different kinds of methods for adding google fonts to the WordPress website or theme. […]

Create powerful and well-organised SCSS files for your theme development and peace of mind with these 2 very powerful mixins. These 2 mixins are becoming a standard in CSS development, and it would be useful to include these to your mixins.scss file.