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I’ve been churning through the weekly blog routine for over a year now and completing the blogging course I found on the internet has definitely been a great learning experience for me. See my thoughts and why I believe every Software developer needs a personal blog site.

TL;DR you must Join Meetups! It can be a very lonesome feeling to think that you could be the only Developer in your area. Or that you think you are? Or it might even be the lonely feeling of unwillingness to act to meet other developers, with all the hopelessness that you will not have […]

My web development for Windows 10 are a mix of subtle pros and cons and hope that you’d find these useful for you to compare with your own existing setup. These tools that I use shouldn’t be a black and white approach, but instead are recommendations that you should best experiment for yourself! Here’s my setup…

Introduction I’ve recently been following a fitness YouTuber ‘Vitruvian Physique’ (real name Igor Opeshansky) a few months ago and have found that his content is high quality, and unique compared to the traditional fitness programmes that we were conditioned to think of. In fact, he is an all-natural bodybuilder with credentials to prove that he […]

It’s energy management — not time management — that saves you more time, making you happier. I have 5 tips on energy management for the office.