About Me

About Me

Hello I’m Mic and I believe in the need to learn more about Front End Web Development. In the future I will be focusing deeper on the synthesis of design and development, taking on most innovative product concepts, and pushing the boundaries of UI design.

I am working on gaining further experience with moulding solid visual and interaction design skills, HTML, CSS, and Object-Oriented JavaScript, Git, as well as having fluency in PHP.

I believe that the future is evolving towards SVG, Canvas, JavaScript, and CSS, therefore experience with vector and motion graphics will be important. Of course, this was led by mobile development, like prototyping for touch events, and I am gaining more knowledge on this.

I am passionate for Health, Productivity, and Continuous learning.

I am working on excelling in leadership, communication, project management, and organisational skills, slowly but surely implementing them day by day.

Contact me Best at

Email: mic@micsumner.com
Twitter: @mic_sumner

About the Blog Site

My blog focuses mainly on WordPress development, as I believe that WordPress plays a great role in launching SEO-friendly websites pretty well and with a tonne of documentation, meaning that any problems have been solved by millions of people already. It powers 25% of the internet, meaning 128 Billion websites are on WordPress — it’s that popular!

Browse through my personal blog for tips and info on life as a WordPress developer too.


About Me